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How a laptop helped Maria and Olexandra from Luhansk, decide on a future route

In 2015, sisters Maria and Olexandra were forced to leave their hometown of Luhansk due to Russian aggression. Their father died, and their home was destroyed.

But they didn't give up. Instead, they started moving forward and finding new opportunities. One such opportunity appeared thanks to Star for Life Ukraine - programming courses that the girls attended on the recommendation of their school teacher. These courses became a chance for them to learn something new and find their calling.

The courses turned out to be very interesting and helpful for the girls. The sisters listened to the teacher's lectures with interest, acquired new knowledge, and received valuable advice from a professional in this field.

"Serhii Mikhailovich, who conducted the classes, is not only an experienced programmer but also a charismatic teacher who motivates listeners to self-development in the IT field," the girls say.

But the biggest surprise for them was the news that Star for Life Ukraine gave each of them a powerful laptop. It was a great gift that made the girls happy.

Before this, the sisters could attend distance learning classes in turn. However, thanks to Star for Life Ukraine, each of them has their laptop now and can be fully involved in the educational process at their local school.

The course and gift from Star for Life Ukraine allowed the sisters to deepen their knowledge of IT. The girls plan to continue mastering this area, and Maria even decided on her future specialty, thanks to Star for Life Ukraine.

We are happy to be able to help children realize themselves and build their future careers. And we invite you to join us to make as many children happy as possible.


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