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How a laptop helped Yevhen from Kharkiv learn programming

Our children's stories column is becoming more and more popular and interesting to our readers. Therefore, we do not stop and continue to share these stories with you. One such story happened with Yevhen, who due to the full-scale war, moved with his family from his native Kharkiv to the Kirovohrad Region.

Yevhen is a very talented boy who is passionate about math and programming. He has been studyingin a group with in-depth study of math at the Small V.N. Karazin University in Kharkiv for 6 years and also participated in the district olympiad of the Kyiv district of Kharkiv, where he took 1st place.

Yevhen is passionate about programming on Arduino and creating various electronic devices. The boy wants to continue developing in IT. Therefore, when he found out about programming courses from Star for Life Ukraine, he unterstood that it was his chance to deepen his knowledge.

But unfortunately, Yevhen’s old computer had a very small monitor and often froze, which prevented learning and development in programming. That's why, we at Star for Life Ukraine decided to help the boy by giving him a laptop, thanks to which he can learn and deepen his knowledge faster and easier.

According to Yevhen, the new laptop helped him attend online classes without any problems, visit courses from Star for Life and additional math classes without any problems.

Yevhen is an example of how such presents can help children develop and realize their dreams, and we at Star for Life Ukraine will continue to support children in this process.


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