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From 20% to 51%

In just six months since launching the Girls In Tech initiative, our organization has dramatically increased the participation of girls—from 20% to 51%. We are excited about this progress and are committed to continuing this positive trend.

The Girls In Tech project was established in response to the significant gender imbalance within the IT industry. Despite the sector's dynamic growth, it remains predominantly male-dominated. Research from the Lviv IT Cluster reveals that only 33% of IT professionals are women, which equates to roughly one in five specialists. This disparity largely arises from the enduring stereotype that "IT is not for women."

Achievements in Six Months:

At Star for Life Ukraine, challenging these stereotypes has been a strategic objective for over half a year. Our project, supported by Street Child Ukraine, focuses on cultivating girls' interest in technology and equipping them with essential technical skills. Since its inception, we have seen a steady increase in female participation in our courses and activities—from 34% in June 2023 to 41% by February 2024.

The Importance of Soft Skills:

Our observations have led to some interesting insights. For instance, in our Winter with Java course's first session, 31% of the participants were girls.

However, in our Mental Boost program—a mental health initiative designed to foster a supportive environment and encourage personal growth—the participation rate of girls soared to 51%. This highlights a pronounced interest among female participants in areas that promote motivational and emotional well-being.

Such findings prompted us to approach the gender imbalance issue from a new perspective, emphasizing soft skills. We recognized a critical barrier to equality—the scarcity of female thought leaders in IT. Their absence diminishes young girls' engagement in programming and related fields.

Women who lead by example and share their successful experiences in technology can profoundly influence the job market. They play a pivotal role in developing soft skills such as self-confidence, motivation, and inspiration, and serve as role models who significantly affect young girls' aspirations and achievements.

In response, Star for Life Ukraine, alongside our dedicated partner, is excited to soon unveil a new project. This initiative promises to be a catalyst for change, inspiring more girls to pursue careers in IT.


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