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Our Humanitarian Work

While our primary focus at Star for Life Ukraine is education, the pressing humanitarian needs arising from the war cannot be overlooked. We understand that for a child to learn, their basic needs must first be met. This has led us to extend our efforts beyond the classroom, diving into humanitarian support.

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Computer for Kid Project

In today's digital age, access to technology is as fundamental as access to textbooks. Our "Computer for Kid" project aims to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that every child, irrespective of their socio-economic background, has access to a computer. This not only aids in their education but also opens up a world of opportunities, from learning new skills to connecting with peers globally.


Collaborative Humanitarian Support

Recognizing that our strength lies in education, we've forged collaborations with humanitarian organizations. This synergy allows us to focus on our core expertise while ensuring that the children we work with receive comprehensive support. From food and shelter to medical aid, our collaborations ensure that no child's need goes unaddressed.

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 Support Children in Ukraine Today!

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