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New partnership between Oriflame and Star for Life Ukraine!

At Star for Life Ukraine, we believe in the driving force of support and collaboration. That's why we're excited to share our new partnership and announce that Oriflame has generously donated SEK 50,000 to our charity.

Star for Life Ukraine is a charity organization with Swedish roots that develops self-esteem and confidence in children and teaches them IT skills. The organization's mission is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and focuses on creating a safe, supportive environment that helps children overcome challenges and reach their potential.

Oriflame is a beauty community with an entrepreneurial spirit, whose mission is to help everyone achieve harmony and well-being in life and make their most cherished dreams come true. The community strives to empower everyone with self-confidence, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind.

Therefore, our two teams share similar values and goals related to the desire to develop self-confidence and the potential of our communities. This is how the idea of our cooperation was born.

Oriflame's generous contribution will go towards developing Star for Life Ukraine's mental health program, Mental Boost, which aims to create a safe and supportive environment that motivates personal growth. The program is truly effective because we can already share great results for the first pilot stream! Before the program, only 1.2% of children rated their moral state as excellent, and after MentalBoost, this percentage increased to 26.1%. The percentage of children experiencing stress decreased from 32.8% to 4.3%. The results are impressive!

That's why we directed Oriflame's donation to develop the Mental Boost mental health program – so that even more children can improve their emotional state and reduce anxiety and stress!

We are sincerely grateful to the global Oriflame community for supporting our mission! We will inform you about all the results of Mental Boost so that you are aware of all the updates.


 Support Children in Ukraine Today!

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