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How a Powerful Laptop Changed the Life of Danylo from Mykolaiv

Danylo is an IDP from Mykolaiv, a war-torn city in Ukraine, who was forced to leave his home and relocate to Ivano-Frankivsk to save his family's lives. Despite the challenges, Danylo continued to pursue his love for soccer, which helped him find new friends and feel at home in the new city.

In addition to soccer, Danylo is interested in programming. A few years ago, he attended courses in Mykolaiv, where he learned the basics of JavaScript. After relocating to Ivano-Frankivsk, Danylo joined Star for Life Ukraine programming classes. However, due to the war, Danylo could not bring his desktop computer and had to continue his studies remotely using his mobile phone.

We at Star for Life Ukraine and our partners could not ignore Danylo's potential and his passion for learning programming. Therefore, we decided to gift him a powerful laptop, allowing him to pursue his favorite hobby with pleasure and persistence.

For many of us, a laptop as a gift may seem ordinary, but for Danylo, it is more than just a device for work. It is an opportunity to develop in his chosen field.

"I was very impressed, and my parents were too! We could not believe that in these difficult times, there are people who care about the fate of the younger generation. They educate, train, and teach to strengthen us as intelligent and promising future Ukrainians. Sincerely thank you for the opportunity!" says Danylo.

We encourage everyone willing to join our project and help children gain access to the necessary technology and the Internet for learning and personal development. Every contribution is essential, as it contributes to the younger generation and, therefore, to the future. Together, we can do more and improve children's lives.


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