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How a New Laptop Helped Roman from Lubny, Deepen His Programming Knowledge

Almost every child dreams of new gadgets and toys, but some dream of learning and acquiring knowledge. 12-year-old Roman from Lubny in the Poltava region is such a child.

Despite being only 12 years old, Roman already knows what he wants to do in the future. From a young age, he was interested in technology and gadgets, so his interest increased when he heard about programming. Roman started asking his parents how he could learn more about this field and how to program.

His parents decided to find opportunities for their son to develop in this exciting area and asked about this in the local Lubny school. Teachers recommended Star for Life Ukraine programming courses. The family decided to try it out, mainly because Java programming language was the one that interested Roman the most.

The boy learned his first programming language in the courses and found new friends and motivation to develop his skills. However, his family faced a problem - they did not have the

opportunity to buy a laptop for learning programming outside of class and for distance learning. But Star for Life Ukraine helped Roman realize his dream by presenting him with a laptop.

For Roman, this laptop became a source of inspiration and new knowledge. The boy and his younger sister, Anya, use the device for distance learning at school. Additionally, Roman deepens his knowledge of programming. For our charitable organization, this is another opportunity to confirm the importance of our mission - to help children from low-income families gain access to the latest technologies and opportunities for development. And we encourage everyone to join and contribute to the rising generation!


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