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How the new computer helped Sasha, IDP from Kharkiv, to get her hobbies back

We at Star for Life Ukraine began collecting personal stories of war-affected children. Since the start of the project, we have heard many such stories. Each of them is very personal and touching. That's why we decided to start sharing these stories to inform as many people as possible about talented schoolchildren, whom we, together with our partners, help develop their skills and create comfortable conditions for learning.

The first story we want to share is the story of a girl named Sasha from Kharkiv. She was forced to leave her hometown and move to the Ivano-Frankivsk region with her family.

Though Sasha is hundreds of kilometers away from her home and friends, the girl continues to lead an active life. After online lessons with her home school in Kharkiv, she goes to the city for sports, Physics classes, English, and financial literacy. She attends IT courses from Star for Life Ukraine and the Center for Educational Innovations.

Sasha's life goes on. During this year, the town she lives in has become almost native for the girl. It’s all thanks to activities that help not to give up and provide development opportunities.

One of these opportunities was the computer that Sasha received as a gift from Star for Life Ukraine with the support of our partner, the Swedish company Nexer. We are glad we could

make the girl happy and receive the most valuable thing - sincere gratitude and happy eyes!

Sasha is very happy that her distance learning at her home school in Kharkiv with the new computer has become more comfortable. Also, the girl plans to continue programming outside the computer class.

Once again, we would like to thank our partners, who made it possible. We invite everyone to join the project to bring to life the little dreams of little people with great talents and great ambitions!


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