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How a new laptop became the key to the future for Valeriya from Zaporizhzhia

Valeriya moved to the Ivano-Frankivsk region due to a full-scale invasion. Her family was forced to leave their hometown of Zaporizhzhia to stay in a safer but unknown environment. The new living conditions were challenging for the family, but they found the strength to keep up with their life in a new place.

After moving, Valeriya joined a programming course by Star for Life Ukraine. Her mother found out about it from a coworker who recommended joining. During the study, the girl began to learn programming and 3D modeling, which became her new hobby. She had a great desire to expand her knowledge of her new hobby and develop as a future IT professional. Unfortunately, Valeriya's family could not purchase a laptop of the required capacity.

That is why we decided to help Valeriya and her parents. With the support of our partners, we provided the girl with a laptop so she could continue studying 3D modeling. The family was impressed by such a gift, and Valeriya's happiness was limitless.

"The gift from Star for Life Ukraine was unexpected and incredibly pleasant for us. We weren't able to buy such a laptop on our own. So, we are very grateful to the fund for giving Valeriya an opportunity to further develop with her new hobby!" says Nadia, Valeriya's mother.

In addition to helping deepen her knowledge in 3D modeling, the laptop also greatly facilitated Valeriya's learning process at school. It became much more convenient and faster for her to do homework, handle necessary materials, and search for information. It is also essential for us to contribute to improving the educational process, and we are happy to be involved in this both within and outside the framework of our courses.

At Star for Life Ukraine, we are pleased to be able to help young people like Valeriya acquire skills that will be useful for their future careers and lives. Our goal is to help children in difficult situations overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. We believe that each child deserves a chance to get a better future. And we will continue to work in this direction. If you want to help children get access to digital technologies and open new opportunities for them, contact us on our site.


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