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From robotics festivals to a powerful new laptop - Danylo from Zhovti Vody

We are delighted to see your interest in our children's stories section! So, we don't plan on stopping; we will only gain momentum.

Today, we want to tell you about a boy whose town, we are confident, will soon be renowned again, but not by the name of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, whose army defeated the Polish army at the Battle of Zhovti Vody and it became the first victory of the Cossacks in the War of Liberation. But by the name of Danylo Solod, who became the hero of our new story!

Danylo's love for programming began with robotics festivals, where he demonstrated remarkable success. In 2022, he managed to pass the entrance exams and gained the opportunity to study at the Cherkasy Physics and Mathematics Lyceum in the 7th grade.

In the lyceum, Danylo found the perfect environment to develop the mathematical skills necessary for programming and learned about courses from Star for Life Ukraine. The boy happily joined our team, participated in charitable programming courses, and interacted with other talented students.

However, Danylo encountered a problem: his old laptop worked very unstably. It hindered his learning process and impeded his progress. Fortunately, thanks to the support of Star for Life Ukraine, Danylo received a new powerful laptop. Now, he can work quickly and efficiently on coding tasks, run and test his own programs, and continue expanding his knowledge in the IT world.

At Star for Life Ukraine, we are proud to help talented children like Danylo fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to provide them with access to necessary resources and create a friendly and inspiring environment where they can develop their skills and build successful careers in their chosen field.

If you, like Danylo, dream of realizing your talents and receiving support, join us. Together, we can create many exciting projects and learn many fascinating things!


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