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How a gift became a creative inspiration for Zoriana from Svitlovodsk

Zoriana is from the town of Svitlovodsk in the Kirovohrad Region. She has a passion for music, dance, and drawing, enjoys taking photos and editing images using mobile apps, and loves creating her own unique stickers.

The story of Zoriana and Star for Life Ukraine begins when her teacher writes about a winter IT-school in the parents' group. Zoriana was really interested, and her mother was delighted at the opportunity for her daughter to explore a new direction of self-development.

During the course, Zoriana actively participated. She caught our attention with her creative approach to coding. However, as we discovered later, Zoriana didn't have her own laptop to

continue deepening her knowledge after the courses. That's why we surprised her with a laptop as a gift.

"Now our child can use the laptop for distance- learning and programming. And a little bit for gaming, of course. It has significantly eased the process. Zoriana can now be engaged in programming without any time constraints," says Zoriana's mother, Yulia.

With the new laptop, Zoriana has the opportunity to nurture her creativity and artistic abilities. She utilizes various programs for graphic design, image creation, and editing. With these tools, she can bring her ideas to life, creating original designs and unique stickers.

Zoriana's family thanked Star For Life Ukraine for providing their daughter with a laptop and free access to programming courses. This gift has opened up new horizons for Zoriana, and we believe that the knowledge she has acquired will serve as a solid foundation for her future career.


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