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How Daniil from Mariupol found his path to success with a new laptop

Children are always ready to learn new things and explore the world. But what if learning becomes difficult due to the lack of necessary tools? In such a situation, a child may lose interest in learning and pursuing their dreams.

That happened to Daniil, who moved from Mariupol to the Vinnytsia Region. From a young age, Daniil was interested in programming and website design. However, Daniil needed a computer to develop in this field. However, due to the problematic situation with the move from the Donetsk Region, he did not have his own laptop.

He had to go to his neighbors to continue learning programming, which allowed him to use their computers.

Everything changed when Star for Life Ukraine courses appeared in Daniil's life. The boy did very well during the lessons, but he could not do his homework and study something outside the class because he didn’t have his own computer. Therefore, we at Star for Life Ukraine decided to give Daniil a new laptop, which became a big step forward on his path to his dream.

Daniil gained access to the necessary tools and skills that would allow him to develop and realize his potential in the world of programming.

This new laptop allowed Daniil to develop his programming and design skills. He was able to focus on his interests and reach new heights. Now, he uses his laptop to learn new programming languages and create his own projects.

In the future, he aims to find a job related to his hobby and apply the knowledge he gained thanks to the laptop and courses from Star for Life Ukraine.

Every success story of children who received help from Star for Life Ukraine reminds us of the importance and necessity of such projects in our society. Therefore, we encourage you to get involved!


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