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How programming became a light in difficult times for Maxim from Kharkiv

Maxim from Kharkiv currently resides with his family in Khmelnitsky. They had to move due to the ongoing military actions in their region. But even in these challenging times, Maxim didn't lose his passion for programming. He independently decided that he wanted to learn a programming language.

Maxim continued his education remotely at his hometown school in Kharkiv. His class teacher offered the "Winter School: JavaAndroidBasic" course by Star for Life Ukraine, and Maxim was thrilled, considering it a sign!

Maxim started attending the courses and was very pleased with the way the instructor presented the material - with an appropriate level of complexity that required effort yet left room for creativity. He believes that such courses would be beneficial even for adults.

The laptop he received from Star for Life Ukraine became an unexpected gift. He and his family were pleasantly surprised by thatis present. While their main focus was on the knowledge they could gain from the courses, the laptop turned out to be an incredible additional resource.

Previously, Maxim used to ask his older brother to use his old laptop since he didn't have one of his own. Now he has a powerful laptop on which he can freely write code.

Maxim actively uses the laptop for programming. Previously, he often complained about his computer's slow performance, but now he rejoices in how fast he can work.

The laptop truly helped Maxim deepen his programming skills. He easily uses it to learn new concepts, apply them practically, and create his own projects. Maxim has already enrolled in the continuation course for learning Java, and his future plans involve further development in this field.

Thanks to the programming courses provided by Star for Life Ukraine and the laptop, Maxim has the opportunity to grow and thrive in his favorite field. He plans to use his programming skills to achieve success in the future and perhaps fulfill his dreams in the IT industry, such as mastering new programming languages and reaching career heights.

Maxim is an example of how access to education and support can change a child's life and open up countless possibilities.

His story demonstrates that learning programming can not only broaden horizons and skills but also impact self-esteem, motivation, and belief in one's abilities. Maxim knows that the IT industry is rapidly evolving and offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Thanks to the support from Star for Life Ukraine, Maxim received not only technical knowledge but also belief in his abilities and the conviction that his dreams can become a reality. He has proven himself to be a talented programmer, but most importantly, his passion for learning and growth in this field shines through.

Maxim's determination and belief serve as a reminder of the importance of providing access to education and development in the field of programming for children, especially those going through difficult times due to large-scale conflicts.

Star for Life Ukraine continues to provide opportunities for children like Maxim, helping them unleash their potential in the IT field.


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