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Oleksandr from Kyiv - a young programmer with big dreams

Oleksandr, an 11-year-old boy from Kyiv, and his family endured challenging times due to the large-scale invasion. They had to live in a basement under harsh conditions and shelling.

However, with the help of their relatives, they managed to leave the dangerous zone and move to the Vinnytsia Region.

In their new circumstances, Oleksandr continued his education at his hometown school remotely. One day, his parents found out about programming courses offered by Star for Life Ukraine through the school chat, and they were thrilled about the opportunity to learn for free.

Oleksandr found the courses fascinating, quickly grasping new concepts and achieving his first accomplishments.

Upon learning about the family's struggles with a computer, we at Star for Life Ukraine decided to present Oleksandr with a laptop, allowing him to comfortably attend online classes at his hometown school and deepen his programming knowledge.

"Thanks to your courses, we’ve got hope for a better future, personal growth, and new prospects. When Oleksandr completes a program, he is filled with joy! It's a small victory that will help him persevere through challenges and overcome them," shared Oleksandr's mother, Olena.

When the family received the gift, they could hardly believe their eyes. Oleksandr was overjoyed and wasted no time in delving into his new laptop, eager to explore its capabilities. He and his family expressed heartfelt gratitude for introducing him to programming, providing lessons, and offering a gift that opened up countless new opportunities.

Now, Oleksandr enjoys using his new device for drawing, which has inspired him to consider pursuing graphic design in the future. At Star for Life Ukraine, we are thrilled to expand our reach and continue helping children acquire new skills! However, we rely on your support, so please join the project on our website under the "Donate" section.


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