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Vladyslav from Kharkiv - discovering the world of programming with a new laptop

Due to the large-scale invasion, Vladyslav's family had to move from Dergachi, a town in the Kharkiv Region. The Poltava Region became their new home. It was challenging to adapt to the new conditions, but the family tried to find positive aspects in this situation. One of them was a proposal from Vlad’s math teacher. She informed the students about the opportunity

to enroll in programming courses.

That proposal interested Vladyslav. The boy decided to try himself in this field. He started attending courses provided by Star for Life Ukraine. Thanks to the individual approach and engaging explanations from our experienced teacher, Serhii Mykhailovych, the boy quickly grasped the material. Vladyslav was thrilled with his achievements and became passionate about working with programs and algorithms.

However, sometimes, it was challenging to do homework assignments and research additional materials to enhance his understanding. Vladyslav's old laptop was in poor condition and barely functional. Upon learning about this, we decided to help him unleash his potential by gifting him a new powerful laptop. It became a great surprise and significantly boosted his learning and development. Vladyslav is delighted that he now has a powerful and reliable tool that assists him in developing new skills.

This laptop has become an indispensable instrument for Vladyslav in his new hobby. It helps him develop in the field of programming as well as greatly facilitates the learning process.

At Star for Life Ukraine, we are delighted to be part of such bright stories and encourage everyone to join us!


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