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How a new laptop helped Vadym from Vyshhorod take the first step towards his dream

16-year-old Vadym Honcharuk from Vyshhorod, located near the Ukrainian capital, is a student of programming courses from Star for Life Ukraine. He is fascinated by the world of software development and has already attended classes with a professional in his field, the teacher of our course, Serhii Ischeriakov.

However, the only thing that prevented the boy from entirely focusing on his studies was the lack of his own computer. Vadym searched for a way out of this situation for a long time, and when we saw his potential and passion for learning, we decided to give him a laptop as a gift.

The boy was very happy when he saw the gift. With the help of the new laptop, Vadym could focus on his studies and develop in his chosen field, using new programming skills acquired in the courses.

The new laptop became a tool for learning for Vadym and a step towards his dream. The boy decided to continue studying programming even more profoundly to gain more knowledge and make a career in this field.

This story of Vadym is just one of many success stories. We are proud to be able to help talented children develop and realize their dreams. Our team will continue to support the younger generation in Ukraine and help them achieve great results in their careers and lives.


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