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How Serhii from Pervomaisk found his calling thanks to a gift from Star for Life Ukraine

Success stories always inspire and demonstrate that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and have the right tools. That's the story Serhii from Pervomaisk, the Mykolaiv Region in Ukraine, shared with us.

Serhii is a person with a disability, but that did not prevent him from finding his calling in the IT industry. A few months ago, he started learning the Java programming language and discovered his potential for development in this field.

Serhii learned about the courses offered by Star for Life Ukraine from his friend, who also took the course and is now a Middle Developer in one of Ukraine's leading IT companies.

The man had his dreams and ambitions, but lacked the necessary equipment to realize them. But Star for Life Ukraine came to the rescue. We gave Serhii a new laptop, which became a real miracle for him. Such a gift gave him inspiration and energy to continue his education and development in the IT field.

"This wonderful laptop will allow me to continue my education, and I hope that after some time, I will immerse myself in this amazing world of IT technologies," Serhii said.

The most important is the fact that Serhii's story became another example of how some help and support can give people capabilities to achieve their dreams.

Star for Life Ukraine not only helps people receive quality education and skills but also supports them in fulfilling their goals and dreams. This creates opportunities and hope for many people who have potential but need help to realise it.

It is important to remember that each of us can make a difference, even with a small act, and become a part of a wonderful story.


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